One Music Theory Concept

Understanding music theory is rewarding. There are enough musical concepts to understand that you may feel as though you are not retaining and/or practicing what you are learning.

The good news is that when you dedicate only 10-15 min a day toward learning a music theory concept, your knowledge compounds in profound ways (in a matter of weeks).

This product ensures that you consistently learn a new music related concept on a daily or close-to-daily basis. There are 30 inputs for you to record the concepts you have learned.

The act of writing down what you accomplished could be the most under-discussed method of retaining information and fertilizing motivation that unfolds in character developing ways.

This is one of my favorite products and if you are into music this will be one of your favorite products too!

Adhesive paper material (beautiful canvas texture!): 36" x 24" or 24" x 16"

Thank you!