30 Day Habit Tracker for Increasing Sales

Remember to customize your Habitwall!

24" x 16" Adhesive Habit Tracker. Free 2 Day Shipping.

What does your sales process look like? When you begin your day as a sales professional are you more reactive or proactive?

Imagine seeing your sales process mapped onto a 24" x 16" HabitWall. You won't be thinking about what you should do because it's already on your wall.

Do you have a sales process or no? Do you follow it consistently? If not, then we encourage you to grab a coffee or crack open a beer and take the time to define a repeatable process that will result in bigger sales. 

When you email a prospect and receive notifications that they have opened your email multiple times, do you sit there and wait for them to respond or do you call them on the phone and cut to the chase?

Do you lead a proactive sales career or a reactive one? 

HabitWall will turn your "should's" into "musts" because it puts emphasis on pursuing a repeatable process. 

We recommend structuring your new HabitWall in a way that is conducive to a productive morning (if possible).

You know how Newton's first law of motion implies that things in motion tend to stay in motion? Well, consider yourself to be the 'thing' that you want to have in motion from the moment you wake up. When you begin your day proactively you will become a proactive person. Especially when your HabitWall is there to hold you accountable.

And no, this won't rip the paint off. And yes, you can reposition it if you apply it to the wall unevenly. What more would you like to hear? 

Buy a HabitWall and transform your sales career immediately. If you're not willing to invest $1 per day in yourself... that's not good!

Let's do this. Make it rain.

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