30 Day Habit Tracker for Kids

Remember to customize your Habitwall!

24" x 16" Adhesive Habit Tracker. Free 2 Day Shipping.

How do you currently empower your kids to adopt responsibility? How do they hold themselves accountable when nobody else is watching?

You know about that weird chasm in life where things you "get to do" become things you "have to do?" 

Let's try and prevent that from happening to the younger generation by empowering them to see the upside of holding themselves accountable for choices they make. 

It's one thing to tell somebody what to do. But it's best when a person is equipped with internal drive -- especially from a young age.

Pivoting from external motivation to internal motivation paves the road to progression -- not perdition. If a kid can nail that from a young age then you really nailed it as a parent.

We recommend structuring your new HabitWall in a way that is conducive to a productive morning (if possible).

You know how Newton's first law of motion implies that things in motion tend to stay in motion? Well, consider yourself to be the 'thing' that you want to have in motion from the moment you wake up. When you begin your day proactively you become a proactive person. Especially when your HabitWall is there to hold you accountable.

And no, this won't rip the paint off. And yes, you can reposition it if you apply it to the wall unevenly.

Buy a HabitWall today and empower your child(ren) to adopt ownership of the choices they make.