Habits that stick (to your wall).

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Peel and Stick

HabitWalls stick effortlessly to your wall. You can modify any of our templates to personalize the HabitWall to your liking. Your new habit tracker measures 24" x 16"


100% Customizable

This short video documents the journey of a guy who customized a HabitWall so that he would never lose sight of what he needed to do to get into great shape.

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This man customized a HabitWall to create an inescapable vision to get incredibly fit. He did 250+ push ups each for for 28 of 30 days, and more.


Get Good at Something

This man created a HabitWall to stick to a consistent guitar routine and it paid off.

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You never don't achieve what you truly focus on. It's a weird thing. And it's a wonderful thing. So take some time to develop a plan for the new you.

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